~Launched in 2014 by Tamara Newson, Tamu Inc is a brand that was developed out of the belief that we all are put here to create our lives; to be the masters of our lives; to create the lives we want. We don’t have to just wait for life to bring us… whatever! To create that life, it takes boldness, confidence, and ambition. Tamu Inc celebrates that boldness, confidence, and ambition to explore off beaten paths. We need clothes in our closets that will help us do just that!

~With plans to expand into other product lines in the future, currently the brand is focusing attention on its’ apparel line, Iconic by Tamu.

Tamu Inc-Celebrating Our Iconic Lives in Full Color!

2 days ago

Tamu Incorporated

Iconic by Tamu’s designer gives us a throwback from Tamu Inc’s pop up shop during All About Her Expo! A #Throwback for Any day!
Tamu Inc ~Live Loud ~Work Smart ~Play Hard ~Travel Plenty~ Dance Always

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