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Tamu Inc was born out of the desire to celebrate the messiness and curves of life discovered when we decide to create and live life from possibilities. I wanted to create a platform where I could fuse my love for art, writing, fashion, and beauty to celebrate those of us who don’t need anyone’s permission to live and express ourselves out loud. Each expression is unique because of the manner that we choose. On this platform, coloring outside of the lines is encouraged. There is confidence, freedom, and magic in living life outside of borders created by family, society, and even by ourselves!

This website unfolds a perfectly un-curated platform of vivid art and content that highlights all things apparel, travel, inspiration, and beauty. My hope is for you to discover the possibilities in your own life and remove all limits. People will put limits on you, so why beat them to it!? Let’s use our life experiences as inspiration to create our futures and walk in a new way of being.

It’s time to celebrate the fulfillment that only comes when we are living to honor our core. Let’s go!


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