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Do we need another blog? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t, but I love that you’ve stumbled across mine! So, since you’re here, let’s chat!

I’m Tamara, you can call me Tamu. I created this blog because of my love of writing. Writing is a genuine way to connect with people. Writing is also freedom. Writing gives us the freedom to not just tell our own stories, but to tell the stories of others. I write with the intent to inspire, to encourage, to entertain, and to show what’s possible.

I know the experts say to choose a niche, but I love to write about a range of topics. You’ll find posts, some infused with curse words, that discuss travel, business, mental health, to cocktail menus; and everything else in between!

I invite you to share your thoughts at any time. I also invite you share a topic you would like to read about. Think of this blog as our happy hour round table with VIP service!

Let’s go!


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