We have dreams to fulfill, places to go, planes to get on, business deals to close, an Iconic life to live. We want to inspire people with our stories.  We want our clothes to be elegant and comfortable. We would love to have season-less pieces sprinkled with those “just-for-the-season” pieces. We need that “no fuss” allure whether we are sitting in an airport, office, restaurant, or getting ready for an impromptu happy hour moment or party. We exercise and we may take a yoga class here and there, but our work out clothes we keep for the gym. We still want our our comfort, but we need a little bit of that effortless glam in our daily lives with some flattering silhouettes, coupled with solid colors and prints.

Iconic by Tamu, the first clothing label under Tamu Inc, fits into the lifestyle of women, WE, who are telling our stories, bringing our visions to life, and living our Iconic lives out loud. 


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