Another Happy Hour Style Session!

Well, it may or may not be happy hour, but I just like saying that! But then again, we can make anytime happy hour, right?!

So, I love getting questions like, “What would I wear with these shoes?” “What can I wear with this jacket..(or this)..shirt..(or this)..dress..(or) these pants?!”  I also love answering them! Putting our clothes together should be easy, right? Sometimes when we shop, we feel as though we have to buy complete outfits. But not always. There are times when we get too busy, out here doing fabulous things, that we don’t have time to shop for something new for every party, event, every vacation, etc.! Sometimes, all we need are a few pieces to mix with what we already have in our closet. It helps if those few pieces are on the trendy side or even something that you wouldn’t normally wear. Let those few pieces be your play pieces, your fun pieces! 
Check out my latest YouTube video to get some ideas!
Let me know what you think.  
~Live Loud ~Play Hard ~ Work Smart ~ Travel Plenty ~ Dance Always~

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