social media doesn't replace face to face communication

I haven’t conducted my own numbers research and I don’t intend to. But let’s say that the “twice as much” is correct. So, before the chaos, people were struggling with interpersonal interactions and now we’ve found ourselves leaning to the side when, God forbid, we must talk!

There is the message that says this quiet time can be used to have more conversations with our families and friends. For those living with family, significant other, roommates, kids, this as an opportunity to spend more time with them at home. Yes, people are spending more time with loved ones, but then they are going live on social media to show how they are spending more time; they are posting pictures to show they are spending more time. How are we really spending more time with our loved ones, if we stay on social media posting that we are spending more time with the people they love?!

I believe things happen for a reason. What if one of the reasons was for everyone to get off social media? Everyone! I don’t believe this moment in the world was to draw us to social media. I think it a moment to draw us to ourselves. This is an opportunity for us to be present with ourselves and to answer questions for ourselves instead of going to social media or anyone else for answers. It’s a time for us to direct our own thoughts and actions instead of depending on things outside of us to tell us what to do next or permission on how to live our lives.

What would happen if we all left social media today? We would be mentally present in our homes having real conversations. We would be so engaged with our loved ones that we would forget about our cell phones entirely. We would remember those books that we’ve always wanted to read or write. What would happen if we all got into the habit of limiting our social media use after this storm subsides? We would remember how to communicate with each other again. We would learn how to make connections with people in real life. We would feel comfortable engaging with people in person again. We would prefer face to face sales transactions again. After this storm passes, what if “liking” and commenting on a social media post was no longer called “engagement” but was simply considered a mindless game?

P.S. Let me know your thoughts on this! 

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