use this mask clutch for all your face masks

On a typical day, what do we do when we get ready to leave the house?
We get dressed, we comb our hair (sometimes we skip this part and throw on a cute hat), put on some makeup, put on our favorite necklace, maybe a ring or 2 or 10! And..then we put on our earrings.

We eat and grab our bags and/or purse and keys and then it’s go-time! But wait…did we grab our masks, a mask?!

Did you ever think we would need to add a mask to our accessories list? I know I didn’t!

We may not use them every day, but we are using them. So where do we keep our masks so they stay protected since they are touching our beautiful faces? In a sandwich baggie? I’ve heard some people say they just keep them in their car. I’ve heard stories of losing their masks. Well guess what?
Now you can keep them in a protective denim pouch. I designed these pouches to be sturdy enough to protect your mask and light enough to carry in your purse. Whether the mask-wearing continues forever or not, these pouches can be used to carry anything. You can have a pouch for your mask, one for your cosmetics, tampons/pads, cellphone, cash, grab one for the man in your life, and it can even be used as a gift bag!

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