Let’s talk about Money.

Money is neither good nor bad, it doesn’t have a personality. It’s currency: a system of exchange. That’s it. You may be saying, “Tamu, we know that already.” If we know that, why is it hard for us to admit we want more of it?

Money is the root of all evil! More Money, more problems! Money can’t buy happiness! Even the richest people aren’t that happy! (As if that’s an excuse to be broke!)We’ve either said those phrases or those phrases were said to us. If you’ve ever used those phrases when the waiter brings you the bill, when the mortgage or rent is due, or when it’s time to pay for groceries, then you know those phrases become null and void. Look at the negativity we’ve placed around Money. No wonder we have a hard time admitting that we like Money and that we would all like more of it. Or am I the only one?

My goal is to have at least 8 lucrative streams of income.  Is stripping still lucrative?

I used to feel bad about wanting more Money until I drank a cosmo and realized how ridiculous that mindset was. While I was feeling bad, I wasn’t making more Money either. Funny how that works!

These days, I write down the possibilities of helping more when more Money flows into my life. How many more people can I help, how many more causes can I give to, what other businesses could I invest in, whose college bill needs to be paid off, what family is about to lose their home because of lost income?!

Am I telling you to chase Money and to let your entire life focus be about Money? No. Am I telling you Money is the most important thing in life? No. Am I saying Money is important and it’s good for you to want more of it?  Hell yes!

It’s good to want to see your bank account increase. We can all give help with our time, but guess what? Someone needs hot water, electricity, new clothes, shoes, and those things require Money! Someone is going to give their Money to help, why can’t it be you?

Cheers to You and Your Big, Good Money!

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