Classy & Ratchet: It’s Called Balance

It’s April already. As in the middle of April! Hard to believe, right?!

How is life? Are you conquering that work/life balance? There’s that word again: Balance. What does balance mean or look like anyway?

Does having balance mean checking off everything on our to-do lists? Is it going to the gym every day? Is it smiling and saying Hello to everyone we run into every day? Is it being fearless every day? Is it talking to our family and friends every day? It is being productive every day? Is it putting on a full face of makeup on every day? Does having balance mean being prompt for every appointment? Is it getting 8 hours of sleep every day? Is it letting the next driver over into your lane? Is that what balance looks like?

How about considering that balance could look something like this:

 On Monday, eating all your side vegetables and fruit, and then Tuesday having a chocolate extreme blizzard as a side instead. Perhaps balance is spending 45 minutes at the gym one day and the next day putting in 25 minutes. Perhaps balance is sleeping 8 hours on Wednesday, but because of your boss moves on Thursday, you get home late, and only sleep for 6 hours. Maybe balance is not checking off everything on your to-do list. Maybe balance is recognizing that you put too much on your daily to-do list and you turn that daily to do list into a weekly list. Perhaps balance is owning that you don’t feel courageous one day and you don’t beat yourself up about it.  Maybe balance is when you’re going through something difficult: You have friends who encourage you to think and make rational decisions and you have friends who encourage you to be ratchet and offer to be ratchet with you. Balance.

Moral of the story: Balance is what you say it is. Balance is how you define it. Once you’ve defined it for yourself and your life, do not compare your definition of it with anyone else’s.

~Live Loud ~ Play Hard ~ Work Smart ~Travel Plenty ~ Dance Always ~

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