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Comparisons Are Evil

Stop comparing yourself to other people. We have heard this before. It is not a new idea, so why do we keep doing it?
Comparisons make us prone to imposter syndrome. Side note: Imposter syndrome is a phrase we need to throw out of the window today! We revert to comparing ourselves to other people when self-doubt has taken a seat at our table. I know it can be challenging to stay on track of your pursuit when it seems like your efforts are not paying off or when it looks like results from our work seem to be nowhere in sight. It can be challenging to stay on track when it seems like all you have done is for nothing. You take your sites off your dreams, and you start looking around at other people. You then make the mistake of comparing your journey to the next person’s path. This mind-jumble produces a domino effect. You start to wonder why things are taking so long to happen for you. (Raise your hand if you’ve said that before!) Before you know it, your visions have become fuzzy; you’ve taken the focus off your pursuit and why you began in the first place.
Instead of placing energy on your next soul-aligned step, you have depleted your energy trying to figure out why your life, your business doesn’t look like the next person. Then, you put yourself in a box by comparing your results to people pursuing the same goal as you. You corner yourself by wondering, “Am I doing something wrong? Why don’t my results look like theirs?” Then you officially reduce yourself by attempting to do what they do. But you forget one obvious and crucial point? Your journey doesn’t look like anyone else’s because it isn’t supposed to.
All 7.9 billion people in this world have unique fingerprints. Identical twins have unique fingerprints. You have a unique fingerprint! How magnificent is that?! When you compare yourself to other people, here is what you are telling yourself: “I don’t like the gifts that I’ve been given,” “I’m not worthy enough of what I desire,” “I’m not strong enough to go through this process,” “I don’t believe in my vision.” Forget about other people telling you what you are not capable of. You’ve already taken care of that with your comparisons. Sounds rough, right?
I don’t care if you have a dream to sell purple strapless dresses. So what if someone else is selling the same thing? On the surface, it seems the same. It isn’t the same because you will sell the purple dress differently. Your styling methods will be different. Your reasons for selling the purple dress will be different. Your personality infused into the design of that purple dress is different.
Making comparisons do not leave space for thoughts of peace; comparisons are evil! Stop making them. You are you. Your journey is your journey. The timing of your accomplishments isn’t the same as anyone else’s because it isn’t supposed to be the same. Get your eyes back on your journey, your vision, and your pursuit.
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