lipstick, eye shadow, blush in a makeup bag

Getting samples for a new beauty product is like Christmas! I love a makeup goodie bag that’s “free with purchase.” But I hate clutter. Clutter is exactly what you get when you decide that you need to try that new night moisturizer, while forgetting you already have a moisturizer that you’re “trying” out.

We declutter our closets, garages, and workspaces. Decluttering our physical spaces also provides mental relief. I’ll raise my hand to attest to that being true. We may have missed a spot though. What about that space that holds our beauty products and makeup? Do we really need 3 face masks? How many facial cleansers can we possibly use? Or how about those 12 different eye shadow colors and palettes? And do we really need 5 different nude shades of lipstick?!

Wipe those tears. I know it’s hard to part ways with our products, especially if they’re packaged cute. Let’s think about what we really need. Here’s what I did. I really had 3 facial masks. I looked at the one I loved the most and threw out the other 2! I had some samples of moisturizers I wasn’t using. Since they were only samples, they weren’t taking up space, but they were creating clutter. They had to go too. Then I moved to my makeup.

Because I wear the makeup artist hat from time to time, I know about the “how long should I keep makeup” timelines, which are:
Mascara and eyeliner- switch out every 3 months
Foundation- 1 year
Lipstick- 1 year
Blush – 2 years

I had matte lipsticks and glosses of the same shade. For me, not necessary! Do I want matte or moisturized gloss in lip color? Life decision made! I now go for moisturized gloss; everything else is out! I’m proud to say that all the makeup I own fits into one small toiletry bag. (Insert cheers here!)

When it comes to decluttering your makeup, if you don’t know when the last time was you wore that lipstick or that eyeshadow, throw it out. Also, think about what makeup you wear daily. Do you have your basic go-to colors and then a few colors to layer with the basics for that extra pop or are you glammed out every day? Knowing our typical makeup look will make decluttering quick, easy, and hopefully painless.

So, go free your beauty counter, makeup bag, and your mind!


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