Do You Have Your Party Dress?

It’s Holiday Party season! But isn’t always party season?! Whether you have an invitation to a party, or you are the hostess, you can make your grand entrance in The Shift Dress. The Shift Dress can be slip on-slip off, easy to style with diamonds, pearls, fur, stilettos, boots, any type of shimmer or sparkle-especially when it’s made of quality stretch fabric AND especially when it has pockets!

What are the benefits of the shift dress? The best shift dresses are made with stretch fabric. The stretch fabric allows you to slip the dress on and off with no effort, especially for that last-minute party. The shift dress also has the silhouette that is “free flowing” so it does not hug the body. This is a plus if you typically like to wear shape wear underneath your dresses. The silhouette of the shift dress frees you from shape wear! Cheers to that!

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