Extraordinary Blemishes

To be completely comfortable with: yourself, your personality, what you like, what you dislike, what excites you, what bores you to tears, and completely accepting who you are, without making excuses or explaining why you are the way you are… is freedom.  We all come with flaws. That goes without saying. There are books that cover physical and online shelves giving us steps on “being a better you” and “10 steps to overcome” flaws and imperfections. I’ve read several of these books which I found to be enlightening. I also found that while I was “working on my flaws”, I forgot about all the positive aspects of my personality. I was so focused on my flaws and how I needed to better myself that I no longer appreciated the qualities I had to offer the world. I no longer appreciated my personality. Yes, we should deal with our blemishes head on, but we should also deal with enhancing our positives. It’s no secret that when the extraordinary pieces of you are enhanced, the blemishes become smaller.

Cheers to YOU!~Tamu 

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