Finding your purpose is easy, live a purpose driven life out loud

Finding Purpose and Living On Purpose Is Easy

Why do we make finding and knowing our purpose so hard? News flash: Discovering purpose isn’t hard.  Are you looking for someone to give you a purpose? Today is your lucky day.
Here is a list of purposes to choose from:

~Be kind, or in other words, don’t be a garbage pail of a human, or in other words, don’t be an asshole
~Share your optimism
~Love and accept yourself
~Own your ability to thrive in any environment

Did you choose one? Perfect!
Are you already experiencing all 4 or even just one of those listed above?  That’s even more perfect! But you know there’s more for you to experience, share, and accomplish. This “more” search doesn’t have to be difficult either. The first thing you can do is stop looking to other people to give you a purpose. Stop looking outside of yourself. Instead, pay attention to what you lose track of time doing. What is that thing you do that puts you in a zone? Pay attention to what you love doing. 

~Do you like planning events for yourself and other people?
~Do you know how to make people feel welcome?
~Do you know to create connections for yourself and other people?
~Do you know how to make things look pretty and luxurious?
~Are you good at speaking?
~Do you love writing or telling stories?
~Do you love putting flower arrangements together?

We make purpose-finding hard because we think it’s something we must dig and labor for. We dismiss it because we have somehow convinced ourselves that living our purpose is not supposed to be easy. We also forget that your purpose is not just one thing. Purpose evolves and changes with the seasons of life.

So, do yourself a favor and lighten up. Your purpose is right in front of you.



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