Happy Hour Style Session

Hey! How are You? 
Are ready for another style session? Let’s talk stripes!
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s this saying going around that horizontal stripes make us look bigger, wider….I don’t agree! Here’s why.  Medium-sized horizontal stripes are flattering for those with full, voluptuous hips and for those who do not have full, voluptuous hips. The stripes can accentuate your waistline or even give the illusion of a waistline. 
Who came up with that myth about horizontal stripes then?! Probably the same person who told us not to wear white after Labor Day!!! Bye!
If you are more conservative with your clothes, maybe stripes, or any print, is not something you typically wear, but you want to add something different to your wardrobe. Let’s say you buy that horizontal striped dress you’ve been eyeing. To soften the stripes, you can throw a belt on with it to break the stripes up. If you have a striped top and skirt, pair that outfit with a jacket or cardigan, which will also soften the stripes for you. You can always pair a solid color top with your striped skirt or solid color skirt with your striped top.
Moral of the story, you can wear the stripes!!!
Check out my Youtube video where I show styling examples when wearing stripes.
P.S. Keep your style questions coming! I love them!

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