feminine magic

I command you to BE and never fear.
That is the demand she is given.
Moving with her magic into the darkest of darks,
Her feet unsteady because she looks outward.
Noticing her competition not noticing her,
She forgets her being, her magic, her command,
But she does not fade.
How can it be that she does not fade?
For that is her magic.
She looks within, never again outside,
She looks within, in awe of her iron essence,
Holding the power to breathe life to dead purpose.
Illumination belongs to her, in big spaces and small
For those who need and want it,
Not leaving behind those ignorant of her magic.
She lights the path of confusion and makes it straight.
She looks out; to compare, never again
She looks out in awe again,
Her magic filling up space.
They can close their eyes wide shut
Pretending to not see, when they must open
Without her saying a word, they will know
That she was and is here.

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