Racial injustice and Systemic Racism

Here’s What To Do If You’re Feeling Pressured

Listening to podcasts has become a favorite. I listen to podcasts that cover topics on money, business, fashion (of course), retail industry, mindset, creativity… I find nuggets in all them that I apply to life.  Through Podbean, a few of my favorites podcasts to listen to are:

Dreams In Drive https://www.dreamsindrive.com/category/podcast/
Side Hustle Pro https://www.sidehustlepro.co/podcast-episodes/
Unbossed https://www.essence.com/tags/unbossed-podcast/ 

But this post is not just about podcasts….I listened to a podcaster this week say, “I know many people are feeling pressured to speak on or talk about the situation that has happened…” First, it’s not a “situation”. Let’s call it what it is. A crime, a murder, has been committed against a Black person. Again!

If a person is pressured or feels pressure in addressing racism and all the systems it infiltrates, then they don’t need to talk about it at all. To discuss it only at the point of pressure insinuates a person really doesn’t give a damn. This makes the conversation fake and a waste of time for the “pressured” person and anyone who listens to him or her. When a person truly believes that injustice keeps occurring, it becomes a natural part of his or her conversation. That individual talks about it freely without a concern of who may not approve.

I appreciate this podcaster’s attempt to address the recent murder of another Black man. This shows this individual is not numb to the realities. However, for anyone who feels pressure to address what’s happening in your world, I’d rather you remain quiet.


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