selling your products and services

I’ve seen messages floating around of business owners who are thinking twice about selling their product or service and completely shutting down everything. There’s this idea floating that business owners should not offer their product or service right now because: People are strugglingNo one cares about buying a product or service,People have their minds on other things! Also, business owners are questioning themselves with questions like, Will people still want what I offer? Do people even need what I offer right now? How could I charge anything in the middle of all this? You may even be getting those questions from other people. I understand the questions and the concerns; they are valid.

But guess what? Grocery stores are still open and still charging. Gas stations are still open and still charging. Real estate management companies are still collecting rent. Restaurants are still offering delivery services and still charging. Airlines are still advertising cheap flights. DSW is still sending out 30% off clearance emails multiple times a day.

Let’s say you have a lipstick business. Right now, there are women who have put on red lipstick just to walk from the bathroom to the kitchen. Think about what you are really selling. You’re not just selling lipstick. You’re selling sexiness, bad-ass-ness, confidence, happiness, and the power to head-lock any situation. Well, my friend? Those are all needs! You started a business because you saw a need …right? So, yes consider the concerns during this time. But don’t stop showing and telling people what products and services you have to offer. Let your business be the one business that helps us take our minds off the chaos. Stop hiding your business from us. Show us what you got!


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