you don't need a life coach to be empowered

When was the last time you heard someone (or yourself) say, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” Lies. I think we all know what we want out of life. If we were asked, “What don’t you want in your life?”, right before our hands fell off, we could write on sheets of paper, front and back, with our extended answer. So, to find out what we do want, we can take the opposite of what we don’t want. Easy. Case closed? It should be, but it isn’t. 

We have known since childhood how we have wanted our lives to look. Our imaginations were never interrupted with questions about time. We didn’t question where the money was going to come from to start the company. We had no inhibitions: we let our minds run. We were excited to share our passions with anyone who would listen. But somewhere down the yellow brick road, that large life we imagined started to seem too impractical. So instead, we took the practical road.

Do you know what happens on the practical road? We start to get constant reminders of the life vision we once had as kids. Reminders were coming to me so often, I couldn’t sleep! We find ourselves talking about the vision again. The kiddie excitement about life returns and is determined to not be ignored. Then the badgering starts, not from other people, but from within. “Who do you think you are to want that”, “Do you see how much debt you’re in now”,  “You can’t handle a business”, “It’s too late”, “You’re too old”,  and finally my favorite one, “Are you crazy?”

Oh, don’t worry. We’re not done with this one. Stay tuned for Round 2. 


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