How A Pile of Scraps Was Turned into a Dress That Can Be Easily Styled for Almost Any Occasion

I wish I could say I have designed and produced every garment in my closet. Some people think I do and then I pour our disappointment by telling them the shirt I have on was purchase…. off rack!

Most of the time when I make for myself, it usually comes from a pile of fabric scraps. I do everything I can to eliminate waste when I produce garments. This starts with making sure I have a solid plan for ordering the right amount of fabric. But sometimes that plan is flawed, and I end up with a pile of fabric scraps. So, when I don’t eliminate the fabric waste, I can minimize it. I do this by piecing together the fabric scraps to create a wearable garment.

In this video, I am wearing the dress I was able to create from my most recent scrap pile. I talk about that process and then I show how easy it will be to style this dress using pops of color. Because the dress is loose fitting, it’ll be easy to add a layering piece, like a form fitted top, during the winter months.

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