give yourself permission to be your authentic self

What do we think when we hear the phrase “starting over”? We think about “starting from the bottom”, “starting from scratch”, “do over”, or “starting from nothing..again?” When you finish a chapter in a book and move on to the next, do you say, “Ok I’m starting over now” or “I’m starting from nothing…again”? No! With the new information you gained from the last chapter, you can’t wait to get to the next chapter to “see” what’s going to happen. Even though you start the next chapter wishing the last chapter didn’t end the way it did, there is a flicker of anticipation of what you’ll find in the next chapter. You start the next chapter thinking differently about the entire book. Each chapter has given you more details and more insight so that you can get to the core of the book! You keep reading. You keep reading because you know you’re about to run into some juicy stuff! That’s how life is.

The phrase “starting over” sounds negative and drab. Instead of starting over, how about we call it “Getting to the Core” or GTC so I don’t have to keep typing “getting to the core”? (insert your half-laugh here)

GTC is it a way to reveal the exact You; the You that you are becoming and were all along. It involves peeling back the layers of you to be revealed not just to other people but to yourself. We get comfortable living life at a certain level even when we know there is more for us to do and have. That’s why it seems that the relationships that were once strong if your life are drifting away or are dead. When we are “GTC” of ourselves, it may feel like we’ve lost control of our relationships, career, businesses, our money; everything! Nothing appears to be the same. 

Our dreams may even start to look different to us. We’ve all made life decisions with the information we had at the time. We may wonder why we still feel out of control. Let’s not panic or regret the choices we’ve made. Whatever it is that we seem to be losing was simply a part of that chapter that we’ve finished; it was a part of that layer that needed to be peeled away.

Say bye to the old layers, start the new chapter, get to the core so You can live out the real You.


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