poem for revolution for hope, love, and justice

From the shadows I am free ~ My eyes have been opened
I was already free
You need to be free ~ That will not come from me
My tears have cleansed me making me whole, pure, timeless
I cannot give your tears thought ~ They are not mine
Let your tears fall into your own hands and see what they do for you
My garments are power ~ My garments are radical
My garments are complete ~ With truth for threads strong to overthrow
With seams that will not and cannot be undone
This is my mirror ~ Go ponder what your mirror reveals
Paving the way already conquered ~ Heavy tears have jeweled this journey
With brilliant unbreakable jewels to obliterate your fouls
My allies await my arrival ~ Unhidden guarding my path
Where are your allies ~ You look diligently and fail to find them
Too long disguised, too long misled ~ Your allies now don freedom garments
Your allies have become mine
I step into the love that I am
I step into the light that I am
I step into the sudden change beyond overdue that I am
I am


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