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If You Are Feeling Fantastic, Then Sprinkle That $hit Around!

I heard a host of a podcast say, “I’m feeling fantastic”, after her guest asked her how she was doing. The guest told the host that her “feeling fantastic was too extreme” for the time we are living in. As a listener I paused with the thought, “Who in the hell do you think you are Sir to tell someone how to feel?” I can only imagine what the host thought in that moment.

The host’s chipper voice tone became melancholy and dim. But only for a few minutes. The guest when on to say he hadn’t been having the best of days. Someone should’ve told him it would have been okay to reschedule the interview. Anyway, the host picked up her chipper tone and graciously told the guest that she hoped he felt better after the interview. I turned off the episode because I couldn’t get past the guest’s energy.

Are we supposed to feel bad because our physical environment looks bleak? Are we supposed to walk around sad, angry, resentful instead of optimistic, peaceful, and hopeful? Where is the rule that says we must suffer internally because of how things appear on the outside?

Human emotions are like alphabet soup. Do you remember picking out the letters, from your bowl, one by one when you were a little kid? Well friend, that’s how we can choose our emotions. We can choose to feel good. We have the power to not allow the external to control our internal.

No one needs to apologize for choosing positive emotions. If you are feeling joy and peace, don’t apologize for it. Be supportive to the one who hasn’t recognized her own power over her emotions. Even if the support is to only listen. 

Sometimes the environment can look so drab that people don’t care about finding solutions: they only care about wanting to feel good again. People are looking for a way to overcome internal chaos. People are looking for a way to not give their emotions to the environment. So, share your optimism and share your smile like the host did!


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