Celebrate your freedom from shame, you are worthy of what you desire

It’s Time To Put Flames To Shame & Here’s How To Do It Round #3

In this series, we have been peeling back the layers of shame regarding past mistakes. In round one, we dealt with how shame causes us to internalize our past mistakes. When we internalize past mistakes, we are making those mistakes a part of our identity. There is a difference between admitting to a mistake and internalizing it. Then for round two, we looked at the importance of forgiving ourselves for our mistakes so that we can be open to creative solutions. Please go back and read those posts if you haven’t already. Now that we have removed the mistake from our identity and we have forgiven ourselves, let’s look at another layer of shame that may try to creep in.

“You should just be thankful for where you’re at.” Does that sound familiar? I used to tell myself that all the time. Shame will have you feeling guilty for wanting more and wanting better. Shame will not allow you to demand more of yourself because you’ll be scared to elevate and upgrade. Shame will make you think you can’t handle more money, more success, more business connections, more love, more friendships, or more of anything else that’s good!

Shame will cause you to accept a limiting belief that you have missed your opportunity because “you screwed up.!” Are you tired of dealing with shame? Now is the time to free yourself from the layers of shame. You do this by deciding to accept elevation. You get to decide if you are worthy or not of an upgrade. You get to decide to suffer from shame or not. Yes, it is that easy!

The 4th round is on you!


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