Spirituality and intuition

Keep Your Energy Clear To Trust Your Intuition

Suppose you are like me, then you have family and friends who want to see you flourish. Flourishing is to be abundant and aligned in every single aspect of our being. Some people have families they don’t speak to, so receiving support from them is a foreign concept. Then some have people they identify as friends, but there is no depth to the relationship. So, I realize that having a support system is not familiar to many people. I value the support I have, and I do not take it for granted.

Having this type of support leads to free conversations about your ambitions, goals, aspirations, and the steps you’re taking to accomplish them. It is natural to share updates on the events and decisions you are making in your life. But sometimes, when it comes to making decisions that are soul-aligned and backed by intuition, you can’t always share that part, especially when you are in the middle of unusual and unexpected circumstances (both of my hands are raised!). Events present opportunities for you to increase your awareness of your power to create the life you desire. This leads to you making decisions that only make sense to your soul. This is when protecting your energy becomes crucial.

Protecting your energy isn’t about judging other people in your life. Protecting your energy isn’t about labeling anyone as bad or good. To experience expansion, you make decisions that sometimes your natural mind does not even understand. Why? Because you are guided by your intuition, your soul, God, Universe, your Higher Self (It’s all the same to me!). This guidance will, most of the time, defy logic. Your decisions will look non-sense to the people who love you. So out of love, they will lend suggestions, advice and tell you what you “should” do. However, those unsolicited tips get accompanied by worry, fear, and frantic-ness! When you are in the midst of something new and uncomfortable, your brain will produce thoughts of fear and doubt anyway. So, you certainly don’t need an additional layer of those thoughts from the outside!

The first thing you must know is that you are making decisions for people to understand. Secondly, you aren’t taking your next steps for anyone’s approval. Holding back information from people who love and support is necessary so that you can remain aligned and not judge your actions as “shoulds” and “should-nots.” The “should” and “should-nots” stem from sources outside of us. When you get into the “should and should-not” trap, you start to over-analyze decisions, which disrupts the trust in your intuitiveness in a significant way.

You might ask, “What if by not telling my decisions and my next steps, I’m missing an opportunity to receive wisdom or knowledge?” When you trust that you are being guided, you are never missing out on anything. You will know when you need to ask questions and whom to pose the questions. But to receive that infinite, abundant, radiant, all-providing guidance, your energy must be clear so that you can remain receptive to answers that come from within. When your energy is clear, you can make decisions aligned with your soul’s desires.


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