Let This Be Your Sign!

Since you have been waiting on a sign, let this post be it. But guess what? Even if you hadn’t found this post, you could’ve taken action anyway. Why? Because the signs appear when you move. Our energy gets drained when we let uncertainty keep us from taking action. That’s where the magic comes in. We can have lofty visions for our lives. I know I do! Yet, we must be willing to move toward them even when things start to look abstract. Moving in uncertainty is called not being attached to any outcome.

But when things seem unclear, we start to say phrases like, “I don’t know what to do” or “I just need a sign to take any action at all.” When you feel unsure, that’s all it is: a feeling. The truth is we always know what to do. When we hang out in the defeating energy of “I don’t know what to do,” we turn to Google, YouTube, and that damn social media. We take surveys from people in our lives to give us direction. If only we would trust our inner wisdom. If only we could give our imaginations a chance. If only we would give our intuition a chance.

Allow self-trust to be your sign and keep moving.


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