Life challenges occur to help you experience expansion

Life Challenges Appear To Propel You; Not Derail You

“A wrench got thrown in my plans!”, “This is a huge, fucking mess!”, “What a complete setback!”

In some way or another, we have heard someone say those phrases, or we’ve said those phrases ourselves. We use them to characterize an unpleasant or uncomfortable event that takes place in our lives. We then start to ask questions like, “Why is this happening to me?”, “Did I do something wrong to deserve this?” Those questions cause us to give away our co-creative power. They put us in a state of self-doubt and cause us to wonder if our aspirations are just pipe dreams. We start to question the validity of our goals.

I invite you to start asking questions like, “What is this event moving out of the way for me?”, “How can I make my vision bigger?”, “What are the opportunities in this?” These questions help you remember you are still unfuckwithable. So what you first perceived as a setback is, in fact, paving the way for the upgrade you desire and deserve. What you first perceived as a derailment is propelling you as you read this. An event that may have seemed like it wasn’t a part of your journey actually is a part of your process. You are right on track. As your perception of that uncomfortable event changes, you start to become receptive to miracles.

So, don’t you dare allow unexpected situations to make you question the validity of your visions. Tamu is here to let you know; your dreams are still legit, irrefutable.


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