Life is too short, set boundaries for yourself

Life is too short to live in between

What does “living in between” look like? It looks like the person who can’t decide because they are afraid their answer will be labeled as unacceptable.  For example, have you ever been asked to go somewhere…anywhere? Did you respond with “Maybe I’ll go”, when you really wanted to say, “No” or “Hell No”? At some point we’ve all answered this way to cover our true intentions.

To be fulfilled means that we are doing things, going places, and spending time with people that bring us joy. Being fulfilled does not include doing things, going places, and/or spending time with people because we think that’s what we should be doing.  Often when we “should on ourselves” we have taken on guilt. This guilt can come from within and from other people. We let people infuse us with guilt when we have not set firm boundaries about how we choose to spend our time. 

There are plenty of people who may appear to be fulfilled because they have busy lives. But these same “busy” people aren’t happy because they have filled their time doing things they don’t enjoy, going places they guilt themselves into, and spending time with people they would rather avoid. 

Look at what you are doing right now. Look at the people you spend time with. Look at the places/events you have agreed to go to. What comes up for you? What do you feel in your body? If it’s a “maybe”, don’t give it anymore energy. Throw it out. If it’s a “No”, let it be a “No”. If it’s a “Yes”, then find out how you can add more of that into your life.  

Be absolute in your Yes. Be absolute in your Nos. Life is too short for Maybes.


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