With all the makeup tips and tricks out there, it seems makeup choice and application has gotten too complicated. Makeup doesn’t have to be tricky. Makeup application can be effortless. I’m here to simplify it for you.

Regardless of the color of your outfit, your day makeup can be as natural as you want it. Starting with the eyes, choose any variation of a gold or bronze shadow. Dust across your lid and finish with your mascara. If you wear eye liner, instead of lining your entire eye, line the outer corner. For cheeks, you can dust your bronzer or a rose blush over them. If you don’t have bronzer or blush, you can dust your eye shadow over your cheeks. For your lips, take out your favorite red lip color and apply lightly.

For a heavier and an evening look, all you would have to do is put a darker shadow in the crease of your eye lid. Use a charcoal eye liner to line your top and bottom lids. Use a highlighter right below your cheek bones. Then complete your evening look with a heavier application of your red lipstick you used earlier. (In the pictures below, I used a heavy pink lip color.)

What’s your go-to makeup routine? Let me know in the comments!


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