How to prevent skin breakouts while wearing a mask

Show Your Skin Some Love: Caring for Your Skin While Wearing a Mask

It seems that wearing a mask is less sporadic and more a part of our daily wear now; at least for the time being. 

Some of you reading, like me, live in a city where, if you’re not in your house or your car, then a mask is required. Again, like me, you may have been wondering how this regular mask wearing may affect your skin. That’s not vain; it’s a valid thought. I’m sharing tips on how we can keep our skin healthy and “glowy” during this mask-wearing moment in time.

Tip #1 Hopefully the masks you’ve been wearing are of %100 natural material; the most popular fabric is cotton. Cotton tends to be gentler on the skin.

Tip #2 Cleanse your masks like you cleanse your face. I use aloe vera to remove make up from my face before I cleanse; I also use aloe vera to remove the makeup from my mask. I’ve seen some posts that suggest spraying your mask with a cleanser. I prefer hot water and soap! I handwash my mask with the same cleanser I use for my face.

Tip #3 Cleanse your mask right after you wear it to make sure makeup doesn’t get “caked” into the mask.

Tip #4 If you have been wearing a mask for most of the day, your instincts want to snatch it off! But don’t touch the front of the mask. Remove the mask by removing the elastic from behind your ears.

Tip #5 Keep your mask in a dedicated case or covering to keep it secure. If you don’t have a dedicated case for your mask, you can get one here :

Tip #6 Dermatologists say to avoid makeup all together. Raise your hand if you’re still wearing lip color, blush, foundation, or all the above?!  
I still wear foundation. The foundation I use is feathery light and it has sunscreen in it. (If you still aren’t using sunscreen at all, I’m judging you.) I have acne prone skin so if a pimple decides to be my close friend for a few days, I’ll scrap the foundation.

Tip #7 Keep moisturizing your skin. In warm climates, it may seem like a good idea to ease up on the moisturizer or skip it completely while wearing a mask. Maintain your moisturizing routine to prevent chafing.

Tip #8 Remember that stress, worry, and fear can agitate the skin too. When we take that mask off, we don’t want to look like everything we’ve been through this year! So, take time for yourself. Pay attention to the emotions coming up for you. Emotions must be addressed before they can pass through. But that’s the key; they will pass. 


P.S. Here are a few articles you can check out regarding dermatologists’ advice on how to keep our skin healthy while wearing face masks:

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