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Imposter Syndrome: Let’s End it

The word imposter means a person who practices deception under an assumed character, identity, or name. The definition of the term syndrome, at least the short definition, is a disease or disorder.
Imposter syndrome is a label and phrase tossed around on countless podcasts, in books, blogs; the phrase pops up all over the place. These two words sound like a trend! Wherever it came from, it is time we send it back.
I shared the definitions of imposter and syndrome to understand how detrimental that phrase is. When you say, “I have imposter syndrome,” essentially, you are saying, “I have a deception disease.” That doesn’t sound sexy, pretty, or cute.
How can you be deceptive if you publish a book with an entertaining story birthed out of your imagination? Are you a cheat if you sell a painting that you were inspired to create from your life experiences? Are you an imposter if you deliver life-changing words to a person who wants to give up because you have a natural gift to inspire and motivate people? How can you be a fraud when you can write songs at the drop of a hat? How can you be a fraud when ideas for movies flow to you with no effort? Our words create things. The phrase imposter syndrome gets thrown around too lightly, especially when you look at what it means.
You get to decide whether you are going to own your genius or not. You get to choose whether you allow your confidence to be interrupted by the thought or idea of imposter syndrome. You can decide to stop those thoughts in their tracks or swim in the syndrome. Own your gifts. Own what comes naturally for you. This is not about perfection. When you accept what you are a genius at and what you are passionate about, naturally, you will attract ways to get even better at your craft. You will attract opportunities that will allow you to function in your gifts.
If you have imposter syndrome buzzing around in your head, put an end to the buzz. I believe in doing symbolic things. I’ll share with you a simple way to be healed from the syndrome. Write “imposter syndrome” on a piece of paper. Either rip the paper in half or cut the paper up into tiny pieces. Throw the pieces of paper in the garbage! That is your proof that you have chosen to be confident in your genius, to walk in your genius, to function in your genius, to BE your genius.
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