T-Shirts or Diamonds?!

One simple garment we forget about but might be the easiest to style- The Graphic T-Shirt. Or any T-shirt!

T-shirts are your friend, maybe not as good of a friend as a diamond, but you can still rock a diamond with a t-shirt. Ok. I digress. What can you wear with a t-shirt? You can wear a t-shirt with a skirt-short, long, maxi, mini, dressy, or casual!

Here’s an example: You have a two-piece top and skirt set for one outfit. Well maybe you want to switch things up and wear a different top with that skirt. Grab any t-shirt and pair it with the skirt…like magic. You just created another outfit with what you already had in your closet.

But more important, it’s a good thing you never have to choose between a t-shirt and a diamond!

The looks below will give you some “graphic-t-shirt-style” inspiration!

Cheers to YOU!

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