Life is too short, set boundaries for yourself

Life is too short to live in between

What does “living in between” look like? It looks like the person who can’t decide because they are afraid their answer will be labeled as unacceptable.  For example, have you ever been asked to go somewhere…anywhere? Did you respond with “Maybe I’ll go”, when you really wanted to say, “No” or “Hell No”? At some point we’ve all answered this

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Finding your purpose is easy, live a purpose driven life out loud

Finding Purpose and Living On Purpose Is Easy

Why do we make finding and knowing our purpose so hard? News flash: Discovering purpose isn’t hard.  Are you looking for someone to give you a purpose? Today is your lucky day.Here is a list of purposes to choose from: ~Be kind, or in other words, don’t be a garbage pail of a human, or in other words, don’t be

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Optimism over Fear, you have power over your emotions, inspiration

If You Are Feeling Fantastic, Then Sprinkle That $hit Around!

I heard a host of a podcast say, “I’m feeling fantastic”, after her guest asked her how she was doing. The guest told the host that her “feeling fantastic was too extreme” for the time we are living in. As a listener I paused with the thought, “Who in the hell do you think you are Sir to tell someone

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Life tips for teenagers

Things I Want To Tell Every Teenager

The best thing in the world is being an Aunt. To hear my nieces and nephew call me “Auntie TT”, “Aun-T”, and/or “Auntie Tammy”, melts my heart. I was talking to one of my nieces about the important things in life like learning to drive and taking honors English in high school. She also informed me of an important decision

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stop being ashamed to accept help from other people

Here’s Why People Struggle With Accepting Help

What is the common response you hear when someone gets an unexpected gift?“Oh, you didn’t have to do that!”When was the last time YOU said that? Help can come in many forms: sometimes the help comes as a gift, money, compliments, or whenever someone wants to do something nice for you! Why is there so much guilt and shame behind

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Inspiration and motivation for life

You Are the Light at The End of Someone’s Tunnel

A friend of mind sent me the cutest gift. It’s a purple wine tumbler cup with a cover, straw, and straw cleaner! Even though I am excited about that straw cleaner, I’m also excited about the inspirational message printed on the cup that says: You’re Awesome. Keep That Shit Up! But even more perfect, was the message inside the gift

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poem for revolution for hope, love, and justice

I Am

From the shadows I am free ~ My eyes have been opened I was already free You need to be free ~ That will not come from me My tears have cleansed me making me whole, pure, timeless I cannot give your tears thought ~ They are not mine Let your tears fall into your own hands and see what

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feminine magic

Her Illuminating Magic

I command you to BE and never fear. That is the demand she is given. Moving with her magic into the darkest of darks, Her feet unsteady because she looks outward. Noticing her competition not noticing her, She forgets her being, her magic, her command, But she does not fade. How can it be that she does not fade? For

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Man interviewing for a job

A Letter for All Companies That Have Resumed Hiring

Dear Ms. Company X: What the world has experienced within the last four months is too severe for you to resume as normal. Hopefully, you have not fallen into the trap of “waiting to see what happens; then we’ll get back to normal” thinking. We have seen enough of that foolish thought in government. This is a time for you

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The Pastor, His Pantry, & His Guns

This post is a little different than what we’re used to. But here it goes.  Along with a herd of other people, I had the pleasure of being a recipient of a message a pastor posted describing his “God-given” dreams. The pastor shares two dreams with the first occurring in December 2019. He describes seeing a calendar highlighting the month

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Luxurious life, life does not have to be a constant struggle, you are meant to thrive

Life Can Be Luxurious; Release Yourself From Struggle Addiction

We’ve heard the saying, “If it’s hard then you must be doing something right.” I didn’t realize how messed up the saying was and still is until I hit my late thirties. The “It” can be anything in life from school to business to relationships! So, does that mean if things are easy then you’re doing something wrong?! I took

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Why people are choosing to leave social media; why I left social media

Leaving Social Media Is Not The End of The World

What brings people together better and faster than anything else in the world? No, not liquor. Food! Before the chaos, I’d see people with their families, friends, and significant others gathered at tables or sitting cozy in booths at restaurants. The restaurant atmosphere would be created to make room for storytelling, friendly sibling rivalry, laughter, and the happy birthday song.

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Inspiration to living your dreams

You Are Still Limitless

Give up on 2020?! Absolutely not!What’s after this? What will the world look like? Do you know? I know that using our mental energy to try to answer those questions won’t do us any good in this moment. I know that throwing away or dismissing an entire 365 days won’t do us any good either. I know that destiny is

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Alikay Naturals and Edge Entity product reviews

Yes! How I Look Is Still Important To Me

Am I the only one walking around with messed up eyebrows and a grown-out fade?! Because I now must let my eyebrows “grow” back in and pray I don’t mess them up again, I focus on my hair.Let’s be honest, we still want to be cute and our physical appearance is still important to us: quarantined or not. Can you

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