Why people are choosing to leave social media; why I left social media

Leaving Social Media Is Not The End of The World

What brings people together better and faster than anything else in the world? No, not liquor. Food! Before the chaos, I’d see people with their families, friends, and significant others gathered at tables or sitting cozy in booths at restaurants. The restaurant atmosphere would be created to make room for storytelling, friendly sibling rivalry, laughter, and the happy birthday song.

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Inspiration to living your dreams

You Are Still Limitless

Give up on 2020?! Absolutely not!What’s after this? What will the world look like? Do you know? I know that using our mental energy to try to answer those questions won’t do us any good in this moment. I know that throwing away or dismissing an entire 365 days won’t do us any good either. I know that destiny is

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Alikay Naturals and Edge Entity product reviews

Yes! How I Look Is Still Important To Me

Am I the only one walking around with messed up eyebrows and a grown-out fade?! Because I now must let my eyebrows “grow” back in and pray I don’t mess them up again, I focus on my hair.Let’s be honest, we still want to be cute and our physical appearance is still important to us: quarantined or not. Can you

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Life can be easy; life doesn't have to be a struggle all the time

Life Can Actually Be Easy

We’ve heard the saying, “If it’s hard then you must be doing something right.” I didn’t realize how messed up the saying was and still is until I hit my late thirties. The “It” can be anything in life from school to business to relationships! So, does that mean if things are easy then you’re doing something wrong?! I took

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Racial injustice and Systemic Racism

Here’s What To Do If You’re Feeling Pressured

Listening to podcasts has become a favorite. I listen to podcasts that cover topics on money, business, fashion (of course), retail industry, mindset, creativity… I find nuggets in all them that I apply to life.  Through Podbean, a few of my favorites podcasts to listen to are: Dreams In Drive https://www.dreamsindrive.com/category/podcast/Side Hustle Pro https://www.sidehustlepro.co/podcast-episodes/Unbossed https://www.essence.com/tags/unbossed-podcast/  But this post is not just about

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We end racism by speaking up when we see it

Speak Up or Just Stay Quarantined

Nina Simone said, “It’s the artist duty to reflect the times…. It’s the artist’s duty to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself.” I bring that quote up because I think any person can be an artist. If you are involved in any type of creation you are an artist. The life you live, you have created

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give yourself permission to be your authentic self

How to Look at “Starting Over” Differently

What do we think when we hear the phrase “starting over”? We think about “starting from the bottom”, “starting from scratch”, “do over”, or “starting from nothing..again?” When you finish a chapter in a book and move on to the next, do you say, “Ok I’m starting over now” or “I’m starting from nothing…again”? No! With the new information you

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social media platforms don't replace face to face communication

You Don’t Need People to Like You Round 1

What brings people together better and faster than anything else in the world? No, not liquor. Food! Before the chaos, people would be with their families, friends, and significant others gathered at tables or cozy in booths at restaurants. The restaurant atmosphere would be created to make room for storytelling, friendly sibling rivalry, drunken laughter, and the happy birthday song.

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social media doesn't replace face to face communication

Are you ready for Round 2?

I haven’t conducted my own numbers research and I don’t intend to. But let’s say that the “twice as much” is correct. So, before the chaos, people were struggling with interpersonal interactions and now we’ve found ourselves leaning to the side when, God forbid, we must talk! There is the message that says this quiet time can be used to

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here's why you don't need a life coach to give you permission to live your dreams

Here’s Why You Don’t Need A Life Coach Round 3

The idea of needing a life coach becomes a crutch. We tell ourselves, “If I could just get a life coach to tell me what to do, things will be fine.” Translation: “If I could just hear someone tells me it’s okay to pursue my life goals, things will be fine.” Let’s stop looking outside ourselves for permission. We need to

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life coaching

Here’s Why You Don’t Need A Life Coach Round 2

We start worrying about how we would look to other people if we finally decided to choose the “impractical”. Instead of giving ourselves, our very much GROWN assed-selves, permission to pursue the exciting life we want, we start to look for outside permission. If we’re not careful, this asking for permission bullshit can go on for years. For me, it

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how to wear a dress to replace leggings and loungewear at home

Are You Sick of Wearing Lounge Pants or Leggings Yet?

A dress can be a part of your loungewear too. Not just any dress…the raglan sleeve dress! The raglan dress has an easy, free flowing, relaxed fit. The term raglan comes from the way the sleeve is designed. The sleeve is oversized, which causes a baggy and relaxed fit from the bust through the waist. Whether the dress has a

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you don't need a life coach to be empowered

Here’s Why You Don’t Need A Life Coach Round 1

When was the last time you heard someone (or yourself) say, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” Lies. I think we all know what we want out of life. If we were asked, “What don’t you want in your life?”, right before our hands fell off, we could write on sheets of paper, front and

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easy to mix drink menus for house parties

Drink Menus for Your Extended House Party…and Beyond!

I put together a list of drinks that can easily be mixed up at home. I purposely chose these menus because the same ingredients can be used in all the drinks. You’ll see the drinks have names. But since you are the bartender, you can call them whatever you like. (Side note: The next time you are out at a

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selling your products and services

Here’s What You Can Do If You’re Afraid to Sell Your Products or Services

I’ve seen messages floating around of business owners who are thinking twice about selling their product or service and completely shutting down everything. There’s this idea floating that business owners should not offer their product or service right now because: People are struggling, No one cares about buying a product or service,People have their minds on other things! Also, business owners are

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woman dancing by herself listening to music on her playlist

Need A Playlist To Help Jumpstart Your Days?

Need a playlist mix of classy, ratchet, dance-as-much-as-you-want music to help jumpstart your days?! Try this one! *Let’s Go Crazy – Prince(First of all, the song is by Prince. I could stop here. But have you started pursuing that dream yet? It’s time to stop playing, stop procrastinating; time to go rogue! What do you have to lose?) *Blow the

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beautiful flowers to bring feelings of hope and inspiration

Inspire Yourself by Choosing Hope

When we choose hope as our focus, it doesn’t mean we’re ignoring reality. When we choose to focus on positive possibilities, it doesn’t mean we are ignoring our environment. When we choose to focus on positive outcomes, it doesn’t mean we have our “head in the clouds.” For example, each time that we have gotten behind the wheel of a

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woman smelling flowers

Let Fragrance Be Your Escape

There’s one thing that can help us escape and take us on a vacation or journey, without us having to board a plane or pull out our passport. Perfume. Whether we use one fragrance or several, we choose certain scents for a reason. The reasons are endless. Fragrances remind us of the last time we had fun. They remind us

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productivity and working from home

What Does Your Productivity Look Like?

During this moment in time, we don’t need to force ourselves to be productive every single day. To take some days to put aside the work we have, is in fact, productive. Making time for yourself to breath, think, and be creative for the sake of creativity, is being productive. Even though things have looked, let’s just say, different, it’s

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