The Pastor, His Pantry, & His Guns

This post is a little different than what we’re used to. But here it goes. 

Along with a herd of other people, I had the pleasure of being a recipient of a message a pastor posted describing his “God-given” dreams. The pastor shares two dreams with the first occurring in December 2019. He describes seeing a calendar highlighting the month of March when suddenly, a force causes the calendar pages to chaotically flip to June. After watching the calendar pages flip, he then saw images of people wearing face masks and people rioting and marching in the streets. This pastor says the images he saw in this first dream are much like the images we see now on news outlets regarding the health pandemic and the racial justice protests.  Before describing his second dream, he makes a point to say in the dream there was no specific mention of a health pandemic. 

In his second dream, the pastor describes hearing a voice say, “brace yourself”. After hearing those words, he saw an image of calendar highlighting the month of November. This time he saw the calendar page being slammed with force as if the calendar were exploding. After the “explosion”, he recalls seeing armed Russian and Chinese soldiers in the streets. Doing what? The pastor didn’t say.

After explaining both dreams, he emphasizes several times that he does not call himself a prophet. He also states that he watches the news constantly so that he can remain informed.  He says that he toiled with the idea of sharing these dreams with anyone let alone make a video about them. A viewer can easily sense his concern as he believes God gave him those images. Are people wearing face masks? Fact. Are there marches and protests racial injustice happening now? Fact. If the images in this pastor’s first dream are what he says they are, then those images seem to mirror what is happening in real time. It is my perspective that is why he felt comfortable enough to share both of his dreams in that video. In a sense, the first dream validated his sharing.

I would like to share what I gleaned from the video.From my perspective, this man seemed scared, tired, and defeated. Perhaps it was his delivery. Maybe he is not used to being on camera. Maybe he was nervous about recording himself. Maybe he recorded the video early in the morning. Maybe he had not had his coffee. Perhaps he did not get enough sleep the night before. There could have been several things that contributed to his demeanor.

This post is not to debate whether his pastor is a prophet. Nor is it to debate whether his dreams came from God or not; that is not my place to say. I believe our dreams can come from what we fill our subconscious with. Our dreams come from what we choose to focus our thoughts on. Dreams come from what we focus our conversation on. So, when this pastor expressed his continual ingesting of the news, the images in his dreams come as no surprise.

After listening to him, I wondered if the images were messages simply for him. Is it possible that the words “brace yourself” that he heard only meant for him to ponder?

At the end of his dream description, he gives advice to make sure we have plenty of non-perishable food and firearms. I believe this world is of opposites. I also know there are infinite possibilities that exist. If there is a gloomy, stormy message, then where is the message of light and faith? Regardless of domination, if one associates himself with God, where is the message of victory? Where is the message of power? Where is the message of overcoming any environment? 

The message I got from that video is to make sure my pantry is stocked and make sure I have enough guns and ammunition. The pantry is a go. However, the gun is a no for me since, currently, I live in an apartment.

My prayer is for that pastor to give himself a break from watching the news. I also hope that he finds the message of peace, comfort, and victory in his dreams.


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