Life tips for teenagers

The best thing in the world is being an Aunt. To hear my nieces and nephew call me “Auntie TT”, “Aun-T”, and/or “Auntie Tammy”, melts my heart.

I was talking to one of my nieces about the important things in life like learning to drive and taking honors English in high school. She also informed me of an important decision she made. For the last several years, her focus has been in her words “becoming the doctor that delivers babies…and that’s all.”  She said her focus has changed to cosmetology. “Medicine was in the back of my mind, but I realize I don’t want that”. I don’t care what career she chooses; as long as she chooses a career that She desires: not a career that she thinks she should want or a career that would make someone else happy and proud of her. When I listened to her speak, I was most proud of the way she spoke of her decision. She expressed her will to change her mind. She was sure. She was clear. She was proud of her decision. She did not mince words, nor did she make apologies in choosing for herself.

Our conversation prompted a list of things I would tell every single teenager. Here they are:
~You are free to change your mind
~A person’s judgement and opinion of you, including judgement and opinions from family, is none of your business
~Don’t step into any box that’s created for you
~You don’t have to go to college if you don’t want to-college is not the only option!
~Grades aren’t everything
~You have a brain so speak your mind-being a non-adult doesn’t make you opinion-less.
~There are many ways to earn money- don’t take the traditional route of trading hours for dollars
~Start building wealth now
~Go live abroad
~The world is waiting on you because you do have something to offer
~Whatever you are dreaming to do right now, start pursuing it and be flexible
~If you have the chance to graduate high school early, do it!
~You don’t have to earn love because you are love
~You can take care of yourself: trust your instincts
~You are worthy of all that you desire
~There is no such thing as something being too good for you
~Enjoy your journey
~Comparison is the root of all evil
~Laugh at yourself

I’m sure I can come up with a thousand more tips for teenagers, but let’s stop here and toast to our nieces and nephews!


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