Surviving 2020 and planning for 2021

Thirty-One Days of December: Clear The Clutter

Surviving 2020 and planning for 2021


Typically, December is the month that we start seeing messages that tell us to create action steps for the new year. Especially for business owners, this message seems constant.

We don’t need to create a plan until we clear out the clutter. I wish there were no pandemic, no quarantine, or racial injustice to address. But there is. The true and false information we have received, the images we’ve seen, the stories we’ve heard have increased emotional strain. Many of us have experienced this strain on different levels. Regardless, the burden is present. Now understand this: I’m not telling you to avoid planning. I’m saying before we dive into another 365-day plan of action, we need to plan to clear out emotional clutter. 

We need to avoid underestimating the emotional toll we have experienced. Again, some have experienced the toll on higher levels. Some of us feel like we have been handled, throttled, bent sideways, forward, and back. But the good news is you are not broken. I’ll say it on repeat: if we didn’t know before this year, we should know by now we need to tend to our emotions. There’s more good news! Addressing our emotional state takes an honest effort, but it’s not hard to do. Ask yourself, “how are you doing?” Are you in the position to create a plan? Do you need more time to process your feelings? 

Forget what the internet streets are talking about. Handle your emotional clutter first, so that you can be clear enough to create a plan. Clear out the clutter so that you are planning from possibility and not from resentment, fear, and lack. Clear out the clutter so that you can plan with new expectations. Clear out the clutter so that you can plan differently. Here’s the hard truth: Pandemic or not, if the emotional stress can stack, your new year will look like this year. If this thought makes you want to vomit, then you know what you need to do. If you don’t mind your new year looking like this year, you do have an option for a better year. Either way, an emotional-clutter-clearing is in order. Let’s go!



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