Declutter your physical space to make room for what you intend to have

Thirty-One Days of December: Clearing With Intention

You may have organized your house more times this year than you care to count. But there’s a difference between organizing just because you have the free time, or you’re bored versus organizing with intention. Sometimes organizing involves moving stuff around; it doesn’t always include throwing things away. Here’s where intention plays a role. When you organize intentionally, you expect to throw things out. Why? Because you realize that physical objects carry energy. No, this is not witchy shit.

Think about the time when you bought something because you needed “retail therapy.” Whatever you brought, that object wasn’t going to give you peace; it pacified you for the moment. It was a reactive purchase. What about those times you’ve made purchases during a sad or depressing time in your life? Think about what you bought because you were looking for something outside of yourself to bring you peace.

That leads us back to intention. Maybe you’ve set your intention to be more emotionally stable, to be more proactive than reactive, to be a better communicator, to create more money, to be more creative, and to have more peace. We can talk about clearing out our emotional space; our physical space needs clearing out too. How we are in one area translates into all areas of our lives. What kind of energy is bouncing around your home right now? Does it match what you intend to bring into your life?


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