Inspirational artwork, let resentment to pass and get over it.

Thirty-One Days Of December: Throw Her Out

We talk about forgiveness as it applies to a person or people. But forgiveness applies to events and circumstances too. This year, you may have had plans to open your new business, expand your existing business, make a career change, make more money, move into a bigger home, travel more, etc. I moved to a different state in March. At the time I moved, the world was shaky. Less than a week after I unpacked my last box, the country shut down. I was also in the middle of a business pivot which involved rebranding, offering different products, and reaching a new market. What I planned for my business this year hasn’t even come close to looking the way I planned. I could: resent this entire year, resent my business, and even resent my decision to relocate at the time that I did. I could: forgive how my business looks right now, forgive the timing that I moved in, and relish in what I learned this year.

Dumping the resentment to events helps you release any attachments that you have to outcomes. When you are attached to an outcome, and things turn out differently than what you planned, it can make for a rough ride. Not carrying bitterness toward an event helps you remember that regardless of the result, you are still thriving. I pointed out my business earlier. Regardless of what it looks like now, I’m still a success. I wake up undefeated, and so do you.

So, whatever you’re irritated with for happening or not happening, let that go. You’ve been resentful long enough. Resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, and irritation are all the same thing. Let’s call all four of those feelings Rubi. It’s time to dump her. Don’t let her get comfortable. Rubi clouds your creativity and prevents you from being receptive to a new plan. Tell Rubi she isn’t welcome in your ideas, in your home, in your mind, or your new year. Throw Rubi out. Choose happiness.

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