I have put together a list of drinks that can easily be mixed up at home. I purposely chose these menus because the same ingredients can be used in all the drinks. You’ll see the drinks have names. But since you are the bartender, you can call them whatever you like. (Side note: The next time you are out at a bar, club, event, don’t use the drink name listed to order your drink. Just give the ingredients.)  

And for those of you who don’t do liquor, don’t worry, I did include a liquor-less smoothie recipe.

*For You Who Don’t Do Liquor Smoothie:~1 ½ cup of fruitEven though you can use any fruit in a smoothie, some of the best are any type of berry, pineapple, peaches, mango, and cherries!~1 cup of plain yogurt or Almond Milk~Blend your drink until it’s as smooth as you like it! Viola!

*I Woke Up Like This:Hot Coffee + Whiskey + Teaspoon of Sugar
*You Know You Want It:Orange Juice + Cranberry Juice + Peach Schnapps
*Ginger Flirt:Ginger Ale + Vodka + Lime
*Not Your Georgia Peach:Vodka + Orange Juice + Peach Schnapps
*Sangria Cruise:White Wine + Fruit + Honey + Ginger Ale + Whiskey

P.S. Now that you are mixing up drinks, what should we call you? What’s your bartender name?!

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