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Are you getting your travel list together for 2019? Don’t forget about Tampa, FL.!
In any city I visit, I like to explore the city gems.  Those gems may or may not show up on a “Top 3 Destinations” list but are still very much worth the visit. Some of these areas may only be a few blocks long but hold the true spirit of the city and the people. Tampa has those gems. I put together a list for you and a few pictures from my trips to Tampa this year. I hope this list helps you as you make your plans, travel and otherwise for 2019!
Sponge Docks- This area is actually in Tarpon Springs, which is about 30 miles from Tampa. Although a distance, this area is worth the drive. If I remember correctly, the drive didn’t seem to be over 30 minutes. Sponge Docks is full of quaint Greek restaurants, outside cafes, apparel boutiques, and natural skin care shops.
Ybor- Ybor city, which began as the Cigar Capital, is now an historic district in Tampa. In daylight, it is quiet, but you still may see a Tin Man lip-syncing outside of the 7-eleven or you may be lucky enough to enjoy an outside market with a live band. At night, Ybor transforms into an entertainment district not for the faint.  The district has a host of bars coupled with clubs, Latin and Cuban restaurants. P.S. Please get on the Line Car when you visit!

Hyde Park- Hyde Park Village is what they call it. Yep, you guessed it. If you are in the mood for high end shopping, upscale restaurants, gourmet coffee, and a cupcake with sprinkles atm (I’m not kidding, I have the picture to prove it!), this village you’ll want to visit. Even if high end and upscale is not your thing, it is worth the walk-around to catch in the view and have an impromptu photoshoot!

Downtown Tampa-Why? Because it’s what a downtown should look like. Tall buildings, coffee bars, restaurants for all meat and plant lovers, even the building of the courthouse is pretty! You’ll probably see a yoga class in session right by the water. It’s easy to get lost in environment and lose track of time; sure, it’s busy, but not overwhelming.

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See You in 2019!

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