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Use Your Emotional Bricks

Bricks are blocks of clay. If you were to see a brick lying on the ground by itself, you would have no desire to pick it up or touch it. One brick by itself has some weight to it. The texture of a brick is rough, and the color is never consistent. The color of a brick can be red, brown, and sometimes a dingy yellow. A single brick is not appealing to the eye. A brick alone or even several of them scattered only takes up space with no purpose. But something magical happens when bricks are placed purposefully in proximity to each other. Something happens when bricks go from uselessly taking up space to being perceived as the substance to create something. The result is something marvelous.

Frustration, anger, sadness, impatience, irritation: These are scattered emotional bricks. When you collect all or pick up one of them, the weight of the emotion gets heavy. Neither one is pretty nor desirable. You wish you could ignore how you feel, but the weight gets so heavy you can’t. So, how do we make these emotional bricks useful instead of carrying them around as heavy weights? First, we don’t judge ourselves for the emotion. We don’t tell ourselves how we should feel. Throw the “You shouldn’t be angry” and the “It’s bad for you to be impatience” self-conversations in the trash! After we do that, we ask ourselves what it is about the circumstance or event that has triggered the specific emotion. This answer will not come from a blog, a podcast, a book, or a social media post. If you are willing to listen, the answer comes from within. Then you ask to be led to the opportunity in the circumstance. When we do that, we give ourselves the freedom to be receptive to new ways of viewing things. When we ask those questions, we also start to use those emotional bricks as the raw substance to keep building our empire. Emotions are energy on a broad spectrum. When you begin to change your perception, you’ve transformed anger into delight; frustration into triumph, impatience into calm; irritation into peace; sadness into joy.

So, now, not only have you honored your emotions, but you’ve picked up some extra fuel to keep building your iconic empire.


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