“Wine” While You Pack

What’s the best part of taking a vacation? Packing! You may be saying, “Ok. Now wait a minute Tamu; nothing exciting about packing.” I promise there is! You have your plane ticket, your passport, your packing list, your luggage out ready to be used, you have your glass of wine, while you think about all the things you plan on doing while you’re away: now it’s time to raid your closet! Choosing your clothes for vacation can be quick and easy no matter where you are heading off to! The key is choosing pieces you can mix and match.  Just for you, I have some pictures for you below to give you some ideas.

You are looking at 3 dresses, two tops, a skirt, a cardigan, and a hooded jacket. With these pieces you can easily have 6 outfits. Mix and match the tops with the skirt. Pair the dresses with the cardigan or the jacket. You could even pair one of the shirts with one of the dresses. Now ladies I know you are probably looking at the one pair of shoes, thinking, “What am I supposed to do with only ONE PAIR of shoes?!” I understand your distress. But, do you want a whole bunch of luggage to haul around just because you needed to pack every single pair of shoes in your closet?! A pair of animal/ leopard print shoes will work with any outfit! If you absolutely need multiple pairs of shoes, then pack flats and a pair of heels.

By the way, what are your next vacation plans? Where are you going? Let me know!



3 Dresses, 2 Tops, 1 Skirt, 1 Cardigan, 1 Hooded Jacket

The Cardigan and Jacket are always good to pack just in case your vacation weather switches up on you. Both of versatile layering pieces. 

The tops, the skirt, and the dresses will also give you the “casual to glamour” flip with ease. You can’t go wrong with prints. Throw in a solid color dress as well to add to the versatility of your vacation wardrobe. 

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