Alikay Naturals and Edge Entity product reviews

Yes! How I Look Is Still Important To Me

Am I the only one walking around with messed up eyebrows and a grown-out fade?!

Because I now must let my eyebrows “grow” back in and pray I don’t mess them up again, I focus on my hair.Let’s be honest, we still want to be cute and our physical appearance is still important to us: quarantined or not. Can you pinpoint the last time you had your hair done professionally? I can! March 11th, 2020 at 10am!  

I don’t want to wear a hat every day. So, to avoid looking like an entire chia pet, I’ve been using a few new hair products. They are working for me so I’m sharing my reviews on them with you.

I haven’t had heat on my hair since March. Side note: Even if I had straightened my hair, the humidity in this tropical climate I now call home, would have expeditiously destroyed my flowing, flat ironed hair.For sanity, I’ve let my curls reign supreme using a product called Alikay Naturals. I like to stick with one brand especially for my hair and face. In my opinion, when you use a mix (for example, one brand for shampoo, another one for conditioner, one brand to cleanse your face, another brand for moisturizing) you miss out on the full effects of using one brand. In Alikay Naturals, I use the black shampoo, honey and sage deep conditioner, and shea yogurt hair moisturizer. This brand is keeping my hair from drying out. When I wear let my curls out, constant moisturizer is key. No stylist in 4 months means no trimmed ends in 4 months…yikes! Hopefully, this product is saving my ends from splitting to the root because that would be nasty.
Follicle Stimulant Crème by Edge Entity is another product I’ve been happy with. If you have thinning edges or edges that have been thin for years, I recommend this one! I checked out reviews before I bought it; some people showed results after 2 weeks, a month, even 6 months! I’ve been using it for 6 weeks now. I didn’t start seeing results until after a month of using it. That’s ok; I’m seeing results.

Have you found any hair products or any other beauty products that you have grown to love? Let me know in the comments.


P.S. Does wearing a face mask change how you wear makeup? Are you still wearing lipstick? Do you wear a lip gloss, or do you now prefer a matte lip color? I’d love to get your thoughts on this!

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