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You Are Still Limitless

Give up on 2020?! Absolutely not!What’s after this? What will the world look like? Do you know?

I know that using our mental energy to try to answer those questions won’t do us any good in this moment. I know that throwing away or dismissing an entire 365 days won’t do us any good either. I know that destiny is real. I do know that our visions and dreams are still valid and pursuing them is our purpose. If you were ever waiting for a perfect moment, then you and I both know by now there isn’t one!

If you have a life vision that seems too big, make it bigger! If you are still in the planning process, now is the time to take action with what you have in front of you. If you are worried about looking foolish, it’s time to get over that! If you are taking action and you don’t know what the hell you are doing, make a toast to the next step! If you have had to pivot, then a new chapter has just begun for you.

Your being, your vision, your destiny, your gifts, your abilities is not determined by circumstance. You are still limitless. Go Be that!


P.S. Understanding that you are limitless doesn’t mean we ignore our present feelings. If you need to vent, comment below anonymously. Or you can email me at Let’s chat. 

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