Inspiration and motivation for life

A friend of mind sent me the cutest gift. It’s a purple wine tumbler cup with a cover, straw, and straw cleaner! Even though I am excited about that straw cleaner, I’m also excited about the inspirational message printed on the cup that says: You’re Awesome. Keep That Shit Up!

But even more perfect, was the message inside the gift box. My friend sent another message of her own that went like this: “You are an amazing inspiration. Keep shining because your light is needed in this world!” I don’t think she understands how much I needed that message at that moment.

This reminded me that we, You, and I are living our lives not just for ourselves but for other people. If you want to know how to really get out of your own head, your feelings, and your way, remember that! We are living our lives to show people what is possible. Ever wonder why you have thrived and not just survived after facing crazy situations? Ever wonder why your resilience level is at 100? It’s so you can be a light to other people. Yes, shine for yourself but know that people are watching you. You are the light at the end of somebody’s tunnel. 

There are people who need you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. They need to see you walk so they can keep walking. They need to see you thrive, so they can thrive. They need to witness your faith because your faith will become theirs too.

Be open to the fact that people, close to you and from a distance, are rooting for you. Being a light to other people has nothing to do with how you feel, what you feel or not feel like doing. I say because at the time I read the note from my friend, I did not feel inspired or motivated to do anything! That didn’t matter because the message was still true. You are someone’s light whether you feel like you are or not.

Now can we toast to that?!


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