Your Iconic Pivot

What do you do when you know you need to pivot, but you don’t know what direction to pivot in?! (Say that 3 times real fast!) You don’t need someone to tell you when you need to adjust to your plans. You don’t need someone to tell you when something is off. You know it; you feel it, but you’re not sure what to do about it, so you tell yourself to “just keep working.” Take it from me the “just keep working” method does not…work.

Allow yourself the time to stop working. Why? Because the “work” is going to make it easy for you to ignore how you are feeling. When you stop working, you can get quiet and calm. The quiet will force you to be honest about what isn’t working. The quiet will force you to remember why you have those plans and visions. During this time, the way you need to pivot will present itself to you. The quiet will force you to focus on what you need to do, not what everyone else is doing. It will pull you away from the notion that says, “well it’s working for them, so I need to do that too.” Trust the quiet.

Pivoting comes along with a mix of emotions. There can be excitement because you know this pivot is going to move the needle on many of your plans. There can be some relief in letting go of things you realized you don’t want to do anymore.  Pivoting does not equal comfort. Your pivot is for your growth and creating the space for it. Pivoting does not look the same for everybody. For some it may mean to add more creativity to the schedule: for some it may mean to switch jobs or change careers completely, for some it may mean moving to another city or country, for some it may mean to start loving some people from a very far distance. For some it may be as specific as trying something new every week for 1 hour.

Yes, there are answers in your actions, however, the “non-working” time gives your mind and body the rejuvenation it needs to create the space for your pivot. During this time, you’ll discover the ways in which you need to pivot. Then, when you know in what ways you need to adjust, you can take meaningful action and start doing meaningful work again!



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